Timonium Heights

New Homes in Cockeysville, MD

Convenient to shopping and commuter routes to and from Baltimore add to the appeal of this area.

Area Schools

  • Pot Spring Elementary School
  • Ridgely Middle School
  • Dulaney High School
*Schools can change without notice. Verify with the Local School District.
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Timonium Heights site map
icon sold Lot #23 Jefferson
SOLD 1 of 6
icon sold

Lot #25 Jefferson

2 of 6
icon sold

Patuxent Elevation 1

3 of 6
icon sold

Lot #29 Jefferson

4 of 6
icon sold 5 of 6 icon sold 6 of 6

Community Models

Patuxent Rendering

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Dietz Place
Perry Hall, MD
Priced from the low $600's
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Timonium Heights
Cockeysville, MD
Priced from the high $500's
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